USDA Requirements For A Home Loan

Dated: 06/02/2017

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It is amazing to me the number of houses I have been in that say they qualify for USDA and DO NOT!!! 

Not only is it a waste of time to the homeowner, but also the buyer, and the buyers agent. The agent who lists your home should know the particulars as to whether or not a home qualifies to go USDA or not.

For instance:

I showed a house last week that stated in MLS it was USDA eligible. Opened the front door - BOOM! NO CARPET! Concrete is not flooring!!! 

There are so many things that are required for a home to USDA eligible. I am enclosing a link to the USDA Rural Development Site that provides a checklist for USDA requirements. 

Please be sure and educate yourself. It will benefit you and so many others.

As always feel free to email, call, or text me with any questions. 

Rachel :)

Real Estate Specialist

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