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Dated: 01/04/2018

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1. 89% of buyers use a real estate agent.

2. 56% of home buyers are put off by bad odors.

3. 70% of home buyers are put off by any stains or wet patches on walls.

4. 50% of homes sold for 10% when they were staged.

5. Kitchen remodels have on average and 85% ROI.

6. 15% of home buyers will pass up a cluttered home.

7. 54% of home buyers say dull lighting makes a home unattractive.

8. 54% of homes sold in under 30 days across the U.S.

9. American homeowners saved an average $2,173 on taxes by claiming the mortgage interest deduction.

10. Mortgage interest rates are estimated to rise to 4.8% by next year. An increase from the current average that is 4.01%

11. Home prices have increased nearly 6.7% across the country.

12. 44% increase in dollar amount of offers placed on staged homes.

13. 58% of home owners believe their is a significant price drop coming, making now a strong time to sell.

14. 34% of home buyers in 2017 are millennials. The largest group to purchase this year.

15. About 94% of homes in the U.S. have positive equity.

16. 84% of home buyers believe purchasing a house is a great investment.

17. 24% of buyers this year are single adults.

18. Rent has gone up across 88% of rentals. Making now a smart time to buy.

19. Upgrading landscape resulted in a 105% return on investment.

20. Hardwood floors pulled in 100% return on investment.

21. Buying a home is 33.1% cheaper than renting in the U.S.

22. 18% of first time home buyers were single females.

23. 649 homes sell every hour in the U.S.

24. Sales are up 15.4% over last year.

25. Inventory of homes down 9.4% since last year. 

26. 90% of home buyers use the internet to find their house.

27. 14% of buyers are turned off by too much decor.

28. 81% of home buyers can visualize a home as their own when it's staged.

29. 62% of home buyers wish they had purchased bigger space.

30. 32% of renters plan to buy after their lease is up.

31. 72% of buyers say it's imperative to use a real estate agent to protect themselves.

32. 97% of renters say it's better to own so they have more control over their home.

33. 90% of renters would rather purchase based on the investment benefit.

34. Americans believe that real estate is the best fiscal investment over anything else.

35. 32% of home investors are between 18-29. 

36. Homes sold with a real estate agent netted an average of $60,000 more than FSBO sales.

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